Emailing has Become Easier with Gmail Introduction

Gmail is a free webmail service run by Google. It can be accessed through IMAP or POP3 protocol. It is preferred by people because initially, it offers 1GB storage to every user and today this storage capacity has reached to 15GB. A user can send mails up-to 25GB including attachments and receive up-to 50GB. It is much higher than what other competitors have to offer. Not only this, it also has a strong spam filter, which keeps unwanted and malicious mails away from your inbox. On the whole, we can say that Gmail has everything that one looks for in a webmail service.

Gmail Account Recovery

There are millions of people out there who use emails almost on daily basis and Gmail has been their favorite email service. Although, in various situations, we have seen people struggling while accessing their account. This happens for different reasons. Maybe they have forgotten their password or email address or their account has been hacked by some mischievous people. To recover your account, you need to visit Google’s Account Recovery page. There they need to follow the instructions to change or retrieve their password. It is suggested that one should always provide enough security information so that account recovery becomes an easy task.


Gmail Hacked Account

Gmail has always been the target of hackers. One should always remain alert and keep a check on their account. To check if your account has been hacked or not, you can use Gmail’s “Last Account Activity” feature. It shows last 10 logins with login time, IP, location, and method. Another way of finding this out would be checking forwarded mails. If you see any send item which you haven’t sent, then there are high chances that your account is being hacked. Every Gmail user should know how they can prevent their account from being hacked and how they can recover a hacked account.


Gmail Password Recovery

Experts suggest that we should frequently change our Gmail password in order to make it difficult for hackers to guess it. But as we change the password frequently, most of the time users forget their password. You can recover your password through “Account recovery” page. Enter your account information and click Next. You should be having a linked phone number or alternate email address where you can receive a verification code. Verify your identity to recover your password. You need to answer verifications question otherwise you might land up losing your password for forever.


Reset Gmail Password

If you haven’t change your password for years then please do so for security reasons and for that you need to visit Gmail help page and under “Sign-in and security” select sign-in to Google account. Now choose a password, and enter your new password twice. Lastly, click on “Change password” button. Although, if in case you have forgotten your password then you can reset it through account recovery page. Make sure, whenever you make a new password, make a strong one, which cannot be guessed easily. It is suggested that a password should include letters, symbols, and numbers.


Decode Resolutions for All Sorts of Gmail Issues

No one wants to lose their access on their Gmail account, but at times circumstances become so that we are not able to login to our accounts such as a forgotten password or email ID, or hacked or compromised account. In such situation, one doesn’t have to feel scared as they always have the option to get their access back of their account and they can do it with proper guidance and support of Gmail executives who are working 24x7 at our toll-free helpline. Our team has years of experience which lets them fix any issue in the least time. It can be major or minor, but you cannot sit and wait for it to get resolved on its own. Better connect with us, as we offer you a proper solution without letting you wait.

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