How to retrieve Gmail password without recovery phone number or email?

These days, people have so many accounts that keeping remembered all of them is quite difficult. Due to which, you can’t log-in to your account and need to recover the account details as soon as possible. If you forgot your Gmail account password, you will not able to access your account until you get it retrieved. Google has endowed with 2 step verification to protect your Gmail account. But there is no use of it, if your phone number and email has been lost that you have provided for verification. In this panicky situation, Gmail Help Number UK 0808-169-3104 is the right approach.

You must follow the given steps instead of getting panic as you have lost your Gmail account password:

Gmail Password Reset Plan: As the first step, you must try to remember the password if possible. You can reset the password if you know the last password.

Forgot your Password? Option: When you input the email address and don’t remember your account’s password, you can click on “Forgot your Password?” option and wait until the next page appears.

Previous Password can be helpful: If you remember the last password, you can still be able to reset the account password, and if you don’t know, click on “I don’t know” that appears on the next page.

Phone Number Verification: This step is useless as you don’t have the phone number access that you have provided while making the account. Therefore, when prompted with a page asking for verification via message or phone call, ignore these options, you can simply click the option, I cannot access the phone and wait for the next page.

Email Confirmation: The next step is to retrieve the lost password through emailconfirmation. But when you don’t have the email provided at the time of making account, therefore click on “Cannot access these recovery options?And proceed to the next page.

Security Question: You will be asked of the security question which you have set while making the Gmail account. This step is very helpful when you don’t have access to the provided phone number and email. Answer the security question and everything will be fine in the shortest time possible. If you have any query related with this, contact Gmail Contact Number UK 0808-169-3104 for instant support.

Now reset the Gmail account password: When everything is sorted, you can reset your account password with the correct format. If you still have any issues, take help from the experts.

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