When Resetting Your Gmail Password Becomes A Major Problem

Gmail has been blown into kingdom with the popularity that every social platform longs for. Although, we have been presented with a long list of mailing platforms, at the same time, Gmail is the one which has gained good reputation within a short period of time. In the past years, we have been empowered with a variety of features that make it the King of mailing platforms worldwide.

But this is also the truth it has become a great tool of spammers and you will find various complications in your path while using it. People using it, as their primary source of communication might lead to variety of problematic situations that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Occasionally you may find that you are not able to send or receive messages, or your important mails are been deleted in a while. One such difficult situation arises when you forget your Gmail account password due to which you can’t even access your account.

Being not able to access your account, you are mailing platform is totally far from you and it becomes important to retrieve the password back again. But for that you should have righteous knowledge to get it back. The Right steps to reset your Gmail account password are as follows:

If You Have Forgotten Your Account Password:

When you have forgotten your password, you must go to the trouble sign up page and then select the Option saying "I don't know my password". Thereafter, you need to fill the email address and then follow the onscreen instruction step by step. This will help you reset your account password in just few simple steps.

Steps To Change Your Gmail Account Password

Email accounts are generally providential things that need to keep safe of all the hackers out there. When you use an email account for all your important tasks, they are more prone to the hacking world. You can try changing your account password time to time, in order to keep it safe and secure. And for this, you need to follow the steps given below:

• Proceed to the Official website of Gmail.
• Sign in to your Gmail account by inputting correct Id and password.
• After signing in, locate the security section, there you need to select the sign in Google option.
• Thereafter, choose to click the new password.
• And then, enter your new password and choose the change password option.
• Go to click new password option and then click on Submit.

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